Digital Answers has been in existence since 2002 and since then, we have been very successfully responsible for providing a wide range of information technology services and training at all levels, from the individual PC owner with a troublesome machine, to the small and medium sized enterprises requiring a more comprehensive networking and software solution.

IT Support Services for Home and Business Users is our speciality!

Digital Answers can provide you with expert help and advice whether you are a home user or a small to medium sized business.

Why not call us for friendly, impartial and professional advice and support in any of the following areas?

# PC health check for computers running slowly
# Hardware and software troubleshooting
# Removal of viruses, spyware and malware
# Help with email setup and troubleshooting
# Help with installing broadband or diagnosing broadband problems
# Wired and wireless network installation, configuration and troubleshooting
# Installation of backup systems including online backup
# Server installations an configuration
# Software procurement and licensing
# Database setup, configuration and maintenance
# Network and systems security

# IT and Telecoms Training
# Mobile and landline telecoms

. . . and any other issue of an information technology or telecoms nature you may have!

Our expertise is in a distinctively personal approach to the unique needs of our individual clients and regular customers particularly value this attention to detail. Although we are primarily located in East Sussex, we have wide-ranging client base throughout the United Kingdom.