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Digital Answers Limited prides itself in offering a complete range of IT solutions from the simple repair and/or upgrading of individual  home user computer equipment to complete corporate networking and software solutions.

Our basic premise is essentially a personal approach to Information Technology,matching the right solution to the right situation, tailoring our expertise to your requirements. Our specialists are happy to advise on any aspect of Information and Communication Technology, from hardware to software, and on large and small scales.

What we can offer you:

Ω   By combining current development technologies and employing a team of skilled developers, we're aiming to eliminate the view that bespoke applications are just for the large corporations who can afford them. 

If your business is suffering from one of the following symptoms, we can help: 

Ω   Spending time struggling to make off-the-shelf office applications perform tasks specific to your business.

Ω   Employing people to perform repetitive or semi-repetitive tasks on data.

Ω  Investing too much time and money in software that only does part of what you need it to do. 

We've helped numerous SMEs streamline their processes by providing data solutions to tackle their unique requirements.