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We develop bespoke data-driven software tools for specific business needs.

The benefits to our customers are:

Ω   Differentiation from competitors' service offerings Reduced software costs.

Ω   Having software developed specifically for you reduces your requirement for per-user licenses.

Ω   Reduced operating costs through improved staff efficiency and reduced training requirements.

Example Solutions:

Ω   Data Warehousing - Improve operational efficiencies, avoid unnecessary duplication and maximize the implications and possibilities of a comprehensive data storage solution.

Ω   CRM Solutions - Managing, recording and utilising every contact between a company and its customers, whether by phone, fax or email. Our tools include automated fax, dialing and email functionality.  

Ω   Program Management Systems - We have developed database applications for a number of SMEs, which have included complete management and reporting tools as well as automated emailing of specific data reports.

Ω   Tailored Workflow Solutions - Is your office environment heavily based on the outmoded paper trail with extensive duplication of effort ? Many are, and if this is the case, allow us to eliminate many efficiencies with a bespoke workflow solution, tailored to your specific situations.

These are just a few examples of work we've done in the past, but there are many more ways in which we could help your business.

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